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  • We have found the online program very easy to use and very comprehensive and it has fitted perfectly with the food safety requirements of our business.

    John - Manager

  • I think the course is really good because you can log back out and save your spot within the module. The modules seemed very precise to the point with images that associated to the particular topic which made learning interesting.

    Krystle - Training Manager

  • I always find CFT staff very helpful and efficient when we need anything, nothing is too much trouble.

    Ben - Company Director

CFT Latest News

Correct pay rates for hospitality workers

30/06/2015 - 3:20 pm

In a shocking revaluation its been discovered that Australian hospitality workers have been underpaid over $1.2 million for their work.

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Ten Surprisingly High Risk Healthy Foods That Could Make You Sick!

13/02/2015 - 3:22 pm

When you think of food poisoning, you think of chicken, beef, seafood, right? However, studies are showing that the top riskiest foods involve popular "healthy" foods. Over 40% of all food borne illnesses outbreaks are caused by foods that we normally think of as good for you.

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School canteen operations and food safety

05/02/2015 - 1:48 pm by: margret

In addition to providing the school community with nutritious and affordable foods, the canteen should be based on good management practices and be financially self-sustaining.

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Copa Restaurant Food Poisoning incident pay out an estimated $1 million victims

06/11/2014 - 4:43 pm by: Canberra Times

Copa pay out an estimated $1 million to victims.

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Should I have different coloured chopping boards?

17/09/2014 - 11:28 am

There is no legal requirement to have different coloured chopping boards for different food groups.

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Be Aware: show you care - Food Allergy Week 2014

12/05/2014 - 1:01 pm by: NSW Food Authority

The NSW Food Authority is reminding people to be food allergy aware to mark the beginning of the national Food Allergy Week that runs from Monday 12th to Sunday 18th May.

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Starting a new food business in NSW

24/04/2014 - 3:17 pm by: NSW Food Authority

Starting up a food business brings with it food safety requirements and obligations. What these are will depend on: what the food is where it is sold, and other factors

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Is Coeliac Disease a thing of the past?

22/04/2014 - 10:57 am by: Rachelle Williams – the Green Food Safety Coach

Coeliac Disease can be debilitating to those that have it and is a significant food safety issue for all food businesses. The problem is the protein called gluten, which causes severe auto immune reactions in some people. These reactions can range from discomfort to bloating to flatulence to loss of parts of the bowel to malnutrition to potential death

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“Food fraud” may sound funny, but we’re not talking about the Hamburglar here.

13/04/2014 - 5:47 pm by: U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)

The term refers to situations when food sellers purposely add to, mess around with, or misrepresent food, or when they mislead customers about what’s inside a given container in order to make more money.

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FSANZ warning: instant coffees containing drugs

13/04/2014 - 5:35 pm by: Food Standards Australia New Zealand

People should not consume food products claiming to enhance sexual performance as they may contain variations of the prescription drug Viagra.

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