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  • I think the course is really good because you can log back out and save your spot within the module. The modules seemed very precise to the point with images that associated to the particular topic which made learning interesting.

    Krystle - Training Manager

  • I always find CFT staff very helpful and efficient when we need anything, nothing is too much trouble.

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Deadly infection Listeria almost kills a pregnant women

29/06/2017 - 2:36 pm by: CFT International

This week we've seen a health warning about the deadly infection Listeria when pre-cut rockmelon almost killed a pregnant women.

This was the 3rd case of Listeria in NSW alone. People are urged to be careful with their food choices and food must be prepared carefully.

It is crucial that food handlers are aware of the dangers of not handling food safety due to cross contamination or lack of temperature control.

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